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jazzsparks asked: Gold and magenta.

Gold: One time during the summer it was super super fucking hot outside, like the air felt like a fucking hairdryer, but thankfully it was almost 5:30pm so the sun was kind of sort of trying to go down? I went outside to get the mail and when I walked up to the curb I saw loads of water coming down the sides of the road as if it had just rained. When I looked up the street I saw that the town maintenance people had opened up the fire hydrant at the end of the road, so there was a huge gush of nice, ice cold water coming out and kids were playing in it. I kicked my shoes off into the yard, rolled up my pant legs, and sloshed along the side of the road, kicking against the current and splashing around. When I got up to the hydrant, I just stood and enjoyed the cold water, getting totally fucking soaked. And the big, dark, pretty, sunset clouds and strong wind cooling the water on my skin was hnnngh yes. Eventually I got tired and awkward, so I started walking back home down the street. On my way back, the ice cream truck came into the neighborhood in the direction I was walking, and stopped up by the hydrant to sell ice cream. I didn’t have any money so I fucking sprinted home, grabbed my change from my jacket pocket on the stairs and ran back C: I bought 2 of those sour bomb pop things ♥ It was soooo so so so nice

Magenta: I have ADHD-PI, I just hate talking about it so much. Ergh. I can’t even tell my older brother who has the same thing (except -PH). It’s just so embarrassing and I just don’t feel like it fits with my perception of my own identity. I feel like if I told my irl people it would change the way they interpret my actions and feelings.

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  1. jazzsparks said: Did you just walk out of a movie - like cause that memory is so awesome! I can see what you mean kind of. It’s not really people’s business anyways I guess.
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