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I plan to move to the UK at some point, because I’m a citizen I just need to get my passport solazysolazysolazy. But who knows, maybe I’ll just stay here…and move even further South >:]


When I was in math class, my teacher was super presh. We had this word problem projected up on the board and it involved shake weights. We were laughing too hard to finish it, because the girl in the picture was holding two shake weights right near her face. The girls in the class declared her to be his girlfriend.¬†Also, when scanning the picture onto the transparency sheets, her shirt didn’t show very well so she looked a little naked in places. He tried to draw a shirt on her but the marker just erased what little cover there was. He made a squawking noise and just covered it up with a piece of paper, blushing furiously while we basically gave him our headcanons about his ‘girlfriend’. Like she’s excellent at hand-to-hand combat and knives, she’s really into crocodiles, she likes Marmite, etc. and our teacher was just like ‘What…I don’t…’